We are an interdisciplinary group of professionals who use the family dispute resolution processes to help families going through separation or divorce. Our members are leaders in their fields, and have a wealth of experience. We meet regularly and often work closely together, sharing recent developments in psychological research, family law cases, tax law and  financial practices. Our team of experts will be at your side to help you navigate the rough seas of change and minimize stress, and reduce the emotional, financial and legal costs that would come with a confrontational and difficult separation. Whether you are just thinking about separation or have already started the process, we can help you at every stage.

What is Dispute Resolution?

Dispute resolution refers to a process used to resolve disputes between parties and includes informal and formal negotiation, mediation, arbitration, collaborative law and litigation. It can include combinations of several processes that work for your family situation.  It can include individual counselling, support for children, financial advice, parent coordination, med-arb (combination of mediation and arbitration). Our network is committed to trying to help you reach a resolution by supporting you with knowledgeable experts to guide your emotionally, financially and legally.

Who is suited for the dispute resolution out of court?

• Couples who are willing to try to work things out in a fair and reasonable manner
• Couples who are open to creative and individual solutions that address the values and goals of both parties and the best interests of their children.
• Couples who want to minimize the uncertainty and hurt of uncoupling for themselves, each other, and their children.

Clients are invited to consider how they want to resolve matters and how they might best go about creating or achieving positive solutions for themselves, their children, and their families. This can bring about a completely different outcome from the traditional adversarial approach.

What are the benefits of a Dispute Resolution?

All parties, including children, can benefit from a Dispute Resolution process outside of court:

• The atmosphere is non-adversarial.
• We work together toward win-win solutions.
• Your feelings and values are honoured and respected.
• It can be far less stressful and anxiety producing.
• It can be much easier on the children.
• The process utilizes your time and financial resources effectively.

Sometimes if court is necessary, our family lawyers may be able to help you negotiate a consent order or conduct a hearing.

A diagram of the range of options available is the Family Dispute Resolution Continuum.

Is there a difference in final legal arrangements?

No matter your circumstance, divorce  is a legal process with final outcomes. But there are different ways to get to a final resolution. We offer options that allow couples to choose their own resolution instead of having one imposed on them.

What support is available?

NSFDR provides the personalized support of: