Financial Advisors

We have certified financial advisors with specialized training in separation and divorce issues. They can assist regardless of which approach you choose. Their role is to clarify your current financial situation and then help you choose the best financial outcome based on your means, goals, and objectives. They will help you make informed financial choices taking into account each of your needs, your tax situations, and the long term impact that these decisions will have.

Our Financial Advisors can help when

  • there is a need to gather and present the financial information in an impartial fashion to all parties
  • one or both clients do not feel they understand or are overwhelmed their financial situation
  • there is a power imbalance in the family financial dynamic
  • there is a lack of trust about money – coming from a place of poor knowledge, control or experience
  • there is a lot of debt
  • there are complex or multiple tax structures
  • personal and corporate assets and liabilities are intertwined
  • clients have income or pay taxes (or should) in more than one country
  • there are older clients, retiring with pension issues
  • there are estate planning considerations
  • there is a disabled partner or child